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Manicure Marvel at Home

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No matter what season, hands (especially NAILS) are always a point of focus while we’re socializing. Be it our workplace or our chill scenes, a well-manicured hand and pretty looking nails always pull gazes. But since we’ve got so much on our to-do list, spending hours and money in salons for a manicure keeps shifting down on our priority list.

So here’s a hack that will save you both time and money. With this easy and effective manicure guide, you’ll be able to get perfect nails at home. What are you waiting for, get ready to give your nails all the care that they deserve.

(1) Cut the Crap: Trim your nails with a nail cutter or a nail scissor, whatever you’re good with; besides trimming your nails also cut-off the ragged skin around your nails (NOT YOUR CUTICLES).

(2) Warm Warrior: Soak your hands in a basin of warm milk for several minutes as the lactic acid in milk helps to soften the cuticles and removes dead skin. The natural fat of milk will also provide moisture to the dry skin.

(3) Cuticle Cure: Take an angle-tipped nail stick and carefully push back the cuticles to the base of the nails. Be carefully while pushing back your cuticles, they should be pushed back only till the base of the nail, not beyond that as it’ll hurt the cuticle skin. Pushing the cuticles back will clear the area of your nails for buffing.

(4) Phenomenal Filing: Use a nail filer to shape your nails, it’s advisable to shape your nails in a square shape with rounded corners as this shape makes the nails resistant to cracks and tears. Use the nail filer in one direction only, this will help you to avoid splitting of the nails.

(5) Buffing Beauty: Using a smooth-surfaced buffing block or buffing disc, buff the entire area of your nails in side-to-side motion. Not using a filing block is advisable as it will scuff your nails.

(6) All-rounder Olive Oil: Rub your hands with warm olive oil and pay particular attention to the cuticle area. You can also use almond oil, avocado oil, or any oil-rich hand and nail cream.


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