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From Head to Toe – At PANACHE Online Store

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PANACHE is a leading manufacturer of fashion accessories and personal care products in India. With its view of establishing itself PAN India, PANACHE has been manufacturing hair accessories, fashion accessories, foot and nail care tools, bath and body essentials, beauty blenders, makeup brushes, etc for its all India operations.

The hair accessories by PANACHE provide a better look to your hair. With its pocket comb, dressing comb, grooming comb and hair coloring brush, PANACHE protect hair from getting tangled and gives you the opportunity to style your hair in no time. The hair accessories by PANACHE provide you a confident, bright look every time you go out.

The foot and nail care products by PANACHE includes nail clipper, nail cuticle, nail filer and foot pumice, foot care set, etc. All these products together aim to provide you with a hygienic and more presentable outlook.

With leading manufacturers of beauty products in India, PANACHE fashion accessories are not behind. PANACHE fashion accessories are widely liked by the women all around the world. These fashion accessories are designed and developed to suit your varied need.

The bath and body essentials products ease and simplify the overall bathing experience, giving a fresh start to your morning.

The varied personal care accessories include a number of products that serve all the needs to make you look good. Scissors for cuticle and other purposes, tweezers, both slant and curved, are some of the many personal care accessories and tools by PANACHE.

Apart from this, PANACHE also provides a number of massagers that relieve you of the stress at work and home at the end of the day. The massagers by PANACHE are really effective and compact, easy to carry and portable. Made of wood, these massagers have comparatively longer life and are more durable as compared to the plastic and other massagers.

Catch all the products online at the online store of PANACHE and other online platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Nykaa.


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