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Dark Circles Removal with Natural Remedies

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Pandas are fluffy, playful, and cuddly; and the black circles around their eyes look extremely cute. But dark circles around human eyes are one of the most unattractive features. These Panda eyes are pretty common in today’s time. You just can’t escape the stressful lifestyle and tiring schedule; which is why we’ve got some home remedies for you that will help you get rid of the not-so-cute dark circles. Check ‘em out!

Almond Oil:
(1) Apply some almond oil around your eyes with a cotton ball and massage it well.
(2) Leave the oil around your eyes overnight.
(3) Wash it off with cold water in the morning.
(4) Repeat the process overnight.
The results are sure to be pleasingly shocking!

(1) Slice a fresh cucumber and refrigerate it for about 30 minutes.
(2) Place the slices on your eyes for 10-15 minutes.
(3) Wash the area thoroughly with cold water.
(4) Repeat the process twice a week.

Raw Potato:
(1) Grate a couple of potatoes to extract its juice.
(2) Soak cotton ball in the juice and apply it around your eyes.
(3) Let it stay around your eyes for 15 minutes
(4) Rinse it with cold water.
(5) Repeat it once or twice for 2-3 weeks and see remarkable results.

Rose Water:
(1) Soak cotton pad in rose water for some minutes.
(2) Place the soaked pads on your eyelids for 15 minutes.
(3) Follow this procedure every day and watch your eyes regain their freshness.

(1) Mix a teaspoon of tomato juice with one and a half teaspoon of lemon juice.
(2) Gently apply the mixture on your closed eyes and let it rest there for about 10 minutes.
(3) Rinse it off with cold water.
(4) Follow this procedure twice every week for best results.

(1) Take a spoon and refrigerate it for about half an hour.
(2) Place the back of the spoon on your eyes for 10 minutes.
(3) Keep your eyes closed for 5 minutes after removing the spoon from them.
(4) Rinse it with cold water.
(5) Repeat the procedure thrice every week for phenomenal results.


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