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7 Easy Foot Care Tips for your next Pretty Feet

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Feet are an important part of one’s personality. The condition of your feet tell a lot about your psychological behaviour and a lot more, that you never really thought about; it’s basically a showcase of your personality. Healthy and beautiful feet are one way in which you can showcase how much importance you have for your personal hygiene, your etiquettes, and your nature towards your own body. Here are some tips to get pretty looking healthy feet, which will help you rock your first impression.

1) Use Baking Soda:
(a) Add 2 tablespoons of baking soda in warm water.
(b) Soak your feet in the liquid for half an hour.
(c) Add bath salt to it, as bath salt helps to soften skin and ease the muscles.
(d) Repeat it regularly, at least 4 times a week for healthy looking, fresh feet throughout.

2) Use Banana:
(a) Whip a banana in a mixer till it forms a thick paste.
(b) Apply the paste evenly on your feet.
(c) Let it try for about 10 minutes and wash it off with warm water.
(d) Try this once a week for radiant feet.

3) Use Olive Oil:
(a) Dip a cotton ball in olive oil and apply it on the dry, cracked and rough areas of your feet.
(b) Gently massage it in circular motion.
(c) Wear socks for at least an hour so that the skin is able to absorb all the oil that you applied.
(d) For best results, leave oil on the skin overnight and rinse it off the next morning for softer than ever feet.

4) Oatmeal Scrub:
(a) Mix oatmeal with lemon juice.
(b) Make a thick paste and apply it on the affected areas of your feet for about 30 minutes.
(c) Rinse off with cold water.
(d) You can also use jojoba oil or Vaseline instead of lemon juice for dead skin-free feet.

5) Trim your Toenails:
One way to make your feet look more attractive is by keeping your toenails trimmed and shaped, long nails make feet look unhygienic and unappealing.

6) Keep your Feet Dry:
Dry your feet properly with a cotton cloth especially before wearing socks and shoes as wet feet cause odor. One way to keep your feet dry is by adding talcum power on the sole of your shoes or on your feet before wearing socks.

7) Scrub your Feet with a Foot File:
Keep your feet free from dry skin and accumulated dirt by using a foot file. You can use the Sugar Sensation Foot File by PANACHE. Its sugar like texture gently softens, exfoliates and smoothens feet. Your feet are sure to look exfoliated, hygienic, healthy and pretty just by using the Sugar Sensation Foot File.


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